Sulfur hexafluoride gas sampling device


The invention discloses a sulfur hexafluoride gas sampling device, comprising a base and a shell which is provided with an external equipment interface and is arranged on the base. A gas washing bottle, a sampling bottle and a multi-way valve with at least four connection openings are arranged in the shell; a hydrogen fluoride gas colorimetric mechanism is arranged outside the shell; the four connection openings of the multi-way valve are respectively connected with the connection opening of the external equipment of the shell, the gas washing bottle, the sampling bottle and the hydrogen fluoride gas colorimetric mechanism through a gas guide pipe; and an operation handle for opening and closing each connection opening of the multi-way valve is externally arranged on the shell. The hydrogen fluoride gas colorimetric mechanism disclosed by the invention has the advantages of compact and reasonable structure, beautiful and elegant appearance, simple and clear operation process, convenience for maintenance, flexibility in use and relatively individual functions, and has functions of carrying out hydrogen fluoride gas colorimetric detection, displaying pressure of a sampled gas on a pressure meter during sampling, assisting in heating in a process of vacuumizing the sampling device and the like. Therefore, the vacuumization is accelerated and residual matters in a container of the sampling device are released completely, so as to achieve a real numerical value which is the same of the numerical value of an original gas when the sampling is carried out.