Circulating cooling water purification re-utilization automatic monitoring system


The invention discloses an automatic monitoring system for purifying and reusing circulating cooling water, comprising a sampling device, an online instrument device, a monitoring device and a drug-adding device. The sampling submersible pump of the sampling device and the online instrument device is directly hung in the circulating water of the pool. An outlet pipe of the submersible pump are divided into 3 paths and the 3 paths respectively enter a slime collector bypass, an online instrument monitoring bypass and a simulated heat exchanger bypass. The monitoring device comprises a control cabinet and a management computer. The drug-adding device comprises three parts, namely a drug-adding pump, a drug-adding box and an inverter. The drug-adding box is connected with the drug-adding pump; the drug-adding pump is connected with the control cabinet of the monitoring device and the management computer by the inverter. The automatic monitoring system realizes real-time monitoring of the water quality of water in the circulating cooling water system of the power plant and can automatically control the addition dosage in order to purify the water quality of the circulating cooling water to realize recycling. The automatic monitoring system has good economic benefit after popularization.